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Wholly Guacamole

(PREGAS) Wholly Guacamole® brand, America’s No. 1 selling branded pre-made guacamole, will extend fiesta flavor far beyond Cinco de Mayo this May. The makers of Wholly Guacamole® products estimate approximately 9.4 million avocados will be used to make enough guacamole to satisfy Wholly™ fan cravings in May. Avocado fans would have to cumulatively eat approximately 12,635 each hour, 210 avocados per minute, to consume that many avocados! Further, the Wholly Guacamole® brand annual survey shows 87 percent of consumers like eating guacamole with chips and 68 percent of consumers like eating guacamole with Mexican food. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to


Wholly Guacamole by MultiVu

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